Travel Tips

Packing your bags for a summer vacation can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier if you’re organized! Here is my strategy: first, make a list of every item you need to bring. As you place it in your suitcase, draw a little square next to the item on your list. Then, take your list with you on your vacation so you won’t forget anything there! As you repack each item in your suitcase for your trip home, place a little checkmark in the box.

If you have bulky but necessary clothing items, don’t pack them — wear them on your way to the airport. This will save you lots of suitcase space

Don’t fold your clothes; instead, roll them up. The result is more space and no wrinkles!

Aside from a blow dryer, the only hair styling tool you should bring is a flat iron. That’s because it can straighten, crimp, AND curl hair.

Each article of clothing you bring should work in at least three different outfits. This is a little tricky, so spend time figuring it out! Exceptions can be made, i.e. a formal dress is a formal dress no matter what you pair it with… and most likely you won’t wear the same formal dress twice!

Bring underwear and socks for every day of your trip plus 1/4. So, if your trip is 12 days, bring 15 pairs of undies and 15 pairs of socks. Some days have multiple activities that require multiple showers (i.e., snowboarding all morning, shower, formal lunch, night swimming at the beach, shower), so you want to be prepared.

Always be prepared for all types of weather even when you are going to tropical area you could still have a need for a sweater and a pair of long pants.