Wendy Jade Photography

We utilize natural light in our photos, giving a softer look and a dreamier quality.  There are occasions, of course, where there is not enough natural light (dark chapels, nighttime settings) where a flash is necessary.   But we utilize natural light where possible.

We aim to be more than “just the photographer”.  We know this is an important day; we want to be your partner.  We pride ourselves on giving “value-added” services.  What does that mean?  We always work to provide that little bit extra to make you happy.

Even before your wedding, we coordinate with you so that we are all on the same page for every aspect of your photos.  We will know which shots are the most important to you, in what order your day will unfold, and who the key players are in your wedding party and family.

  • During your wedding day, we actively work to make your day run more smoothly.  We will take care of things so you can focus on enjoying your day!
  • And after your wedding, we will deliver your photos promptly.  Editing does take time…  that’s why photographers often deliver photos up to six months later.  But we deliver them as quickly as possible – fully edited – so that you can relive the emotions of your day through your pictures.

To show you how committed we are to making your wedding day successful, we have two gifts we want to give you right now!

Click to get a free wedding day timeline that will help you plan your wedding day.


Click to schedule a chat with me where I’ll buy you coffee or champagne, start the celebration with you, and talk about what you want in wedding photos.


But at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you have beautiful photographs.  Look at our galleries for samples of our recent work.